On this page I have listed topics that I have spoken about or that I have planned to organize a session about.

BI rebranded: Brewery Intelligence

See Reporting Services 2016 in action using data from Munich’s 183rd Oktoberfest! Meet Walter, a Microsoft BI Consultant for over a decade who is also an experienced waiter, serving thousands of visitors over the course of the annual festival. He was so impressed with the new features in SSRS 2016 that he decided to bring his two favorite worlds together: BI and Oktoberfest.

Experience a step-by-step walk-through of what has been the major overhaul of SQL Server Reporting Services since version 2005. Besides Microsoft’s vision and strategy of SSRS, the latest features will be covered including mobile reports, KPIs, the brand new Web Portal and a touch of Power BI. In the meantime, find out about some interesting facts about the Oktoberfest!

Speed up your coding with some helpful tools

SQL Server has some decent management tools to make your life easier when you write your queries or manage databases, tables, procedures and so on. What comes out of the box though is not a full set of tooling and therefore there are lots of third-party tools available that could help you create faster and cleaner code. In this session, three third-party tools will be presented that are mainly focused on easier query creation using a better kind of IntelliSense, managing your indexes and how to keep your queries nicely formatted.

Beyond the Fundamentals of Dimensional Modeling

Dimensional modeling is one of key elements of successful Business Intelligence implementations. Even with all the new technologies like Power BI and Tabular models, you need to represent your organization’s data in a meaningful way that is accessible for end users and IT staff. An effective dimensional model will also ensure that your data warehouse or data mart will be responsive and capable of accommodating emerging requirements.

In this session, we dive deeper into the art of dimensional modeling. We look at how and when to create the different types of fact and dimension tables, including patterns for enriching dimensional data and creating usable hierarchies for efficient navigation. After attending this session you will be able to confidently assess the quality of your organization’s dimensional model and recommend and implement changes.

End users have a short attention span

As a BI Administrator or report designer, you’ve probably been asked many times by the business to create a dashboard to present some data. What makes a good dashboard though? The more information, the better? The more colors, the better? In this session you will get tips about designing dashboards, graphs, tables, gauges and maps with the goal of how you can impress your end user with the most efficient designed reports.
Notice! This session is less technical than others, since it covers aspects and tips that you can take into consideration to create your reports as clear, understandable and usable as possible. The session consists of some general tips and tricks, followed by examples of designs and how to optimize these.

Behind the scenes: SSIS Scripting

Can’t find the component to use in your SSIS control flow or data flow? You might want to consider to script it yourself! One of the most flexible components in SSIS is the script task. This session covers the basics of the SSIS script task, what you can do with it and some tips and tricks how to use it.