Dimensional model in SCD2 (part 2)

Dimensional model in SCD2 (part 2)

Continued from part 1:

In addition to my previous post, I thought it would be helpful to display screenshots of how I designed my dimension.

This is the attributes tab:
… and this is how the attribute relationships look like:
With these attributes, I would like to be able to do analyses like the number of resources per gender, per country, per cost center, per language, etc…

2 thoughts on “Dimensional model in SCD2 (part 2)

  1. Hmm, I would have expected a relation from the Contract Location to the Cost Centre or the Country atleast. But let us assume it is not there right now.
    You will have to identify which all relations can change over time (for eg, Gender can never change while cost centres and locations can). For all the attributes for which relations dont change, just make a new attribute called ResourceName and then you can use this single attribute for all of them.
    For eg,
    But for all the otehrs for which the relations change, you have to make new attributes based on the concatenation of the businesskey+parent
    For eg,

    And then you can make all these intermediate attributes like RsourceNameLoc,ResourceNameCostCntr,etc hidden and just use them in the hierarchies that you have. Give the all the same name in the hierarchy called Resource. This way, the user doesnt get confused seeing all this intermediate attributes and it looks like one attribute to the user which is present only in the hierarchies.

    Hope you got what I meant to say

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