SQL Server 2012 RC0 installation

SQL Server 2012 RC0 installation

With the announcement that Microsoft has released SQL Server 2012 RC0, I thought at first I’d skip installing that, because right now I have a virtual machine running CTP3, and I can remember it took quite a while to set that up. I was very delighted to hear that RC0 does not need to be installed as a brand new fresh reinstall! When you have CTP3 installed, you can simply upgrade the version.

At the setup screen, click on the installation link and then choose the “Upgrade… ” link:

Simply huh? Well, with my CTP3 installation it went through the installation process just fine, there is one issue that I’ve read about to take care of, when you want to add a user to the Distributed Relay Controller. A solution for this is to leave this for later, you can read here how to add the user(s) afterwards.

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