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Month: July 2011

Open SSRS action link in a new window

Open SSRS action link in a new window

From an SSRS report item, you can choose the “Action” in the properties to link basically to anything. The most popular ones to link to, are another report or an external URL. Personally I’ve used the URL actions the most, but somehow it’s not possible to select if you want the page to open in a new window or in the same window. By default, Reporting Services wants you to view the linked page in the same window.

But what if you want the linked report to open a new window? There is a little trick to this… the only thing you have to do is add a little line of javascript. When you choose the URL, make sure you go into the expression editor, and type the following line:

=”javascript:void(‘”+ Fields!ReferURL.Value + “‘,’_blank’))”

In this case, I have a field called “ReferURL” which already contains the full URL to where the report item needs to link to. Of course you can enter your own URL which would look something like this: